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The cuckold's role

Friday 2 February 2018

Many people think that the cuckold's only function is to sit quietly masturbating or wait at home while his wife is out enjoying herself with her preferred lover. Those experienced in the lifestyle see his role as pivotal to the whole experience, a view I share.

As a willing cuckold I see my role as being the facilitator of my wife's fucking at the hands of a more capable male. Everything from choosing her lingerie through to arranging meetings is my responsibility along with being the trusted intermediary between my wife and her bull. Anything the pair are reluctant to raise directly with the other they can run past me and I will advise and possibly sound out the other. Say, for example, the bull would like to buy my wife a leather basque and fuck her in it then I will ask her opinion and report back.

I always try and be on friendly terms with our bulls who are normally quick to see the many advantages this can bring. The only abuse I have ever suffered has been from prospective bulls who seemed to feel that it was expected, perhaps needless to say they did not receive an invite to our bedroom. That's not to say I don't enjoy well aimed snipes at my shortcomings as a man! It's not however a big surprise to me that my wife needs a cock bigger than mine.

Confiding his most secret desires can often pay big dividends for a cuckold with the right bull for instance should his cock slip out from my wife's vagina it's useful to know if he will be comfortable with me taking hold and reinserting. Ideally there needs to be mutual trust between all three parties in the cuckold relationship so that intercourse between the wife and bull is relaxed and natural in front of the proud husband.

My new Blog

Monday 2 October 2017

I was asked some time ago if I would like to blog about the experiences of myself and my wife in the cuckold lifestyle. I took some persuading before I eventually agreed to give it a try mainly because I genuinely don't believe that our experiences are about me. However, I do really enjoy discussing what it means to be a cuckold, so when I was assured there could be some interest I decided to give it a try.

A little about me, I am in my early fifties, tall, slim and keep myself fit. Apart from having quite a small penis I like to think I am far from the traditional image of a cuckold. I have recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of becoming a cuckold, during that time I have been cuckolded by a total of 23 men, young and old. It has all been wonderful!

My wife is 12 years younger than me and, as many of our bulls have commented, probably at her sexual peak. When I first had the "talk" with her she was, like most women, reluctant and it took us a couple of years to reach a point where she was prepared to give it a try. These days, I'm pleased to say, she loves the lifestyle and is very much the driving force in our relationship. She is my goddess and I worship her, to me her beautiful vagina emanates power.

My wife and I both feel that cuckolding is a completely natural direction for a couple to take their relationship. For the cuckold it does mean reconciling some conflicting emotions but that is where the real joy of being cuckolded lies.

I plan, in future posts, to elaborate on all aspects of my life as a cuckold and hope you will follow me. Please don't hesitate to contact me via the site.

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